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Virtual Offices

Create a professional aura even if you work from home with a virtual office.

You may have a start-up business that doesn't warrant a large office or you could just be perfectly happy and efficient in working from home but feel that you need to give your business more of a professional edge. This is where virtual office space is ideal as you can create the illusion that you are based in a bustling office, when in reality you are sat in the comfort of your own home.

You may just need someone to answer your calls or require a virtual office address to take on your professional mail to portray to your clients that you have a professional mailing address. This is why a virtual office service is so perfect, it has all the elements of a serviced office but you can save money and increase comfort by staying at home.

Why get a virtual office?

Renting a virtual office is excellent value for money as you can have the impression of an actual office whilst keeping your costs low by working from home.

Having a UK virtual office doesn't mean that you'll have to conduct your meetings at the nearest coffee shop either. There are additional facilities at hand such as meeting rooms so that you can meet clients in a professional setting, they don't have to know that it's not your regular workplace!

Benefits of renting a virtual office:

  • Reduced overheads
  • Prestigious address
  • Easy to reach locations
  • Creates a professional appearance
  • Able to make use of all client services
  • Availability of meeting rooms to see clients
  • Excellent value for money
  • Telephone/fax numbers can be transferred to an number worldwide
  • Flexible terms
  • Opportunity for networking