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No ridiculous hidden costs!

We hear about a lot of other quotations from people who end up taking space with us, and some of them we don’t believe ourselves!

Here is a selection:

  • £18 a month to use a community kitchen area - we have no charge
  • £90 fee for using a meeting room after a certain amount of free hours
  • Set up fees for telecoms and broadband of £150 - we don't charge 
  • You will not be charged ‘per toilet roll used’ divided between the offices  within the business centre
  • Some of our competitors charge £60 per month per bay for parking!
  • £55 per key fob to enter the building, when you MUST have 1 per person....

With Evans Easyspace what you see is what you get, we may appear a bit more expensive in comparison to other quotes you obtain, but when you break them down and look at all additional costs we think you will be surprised by the great value we offer.

All our costs are publicised up front – there are no nasty surprises later on!